In Christ

with Pastor Ben Martinez



Hebrews Show One Hebrews Show Two
Hebrews Show Three Hebrews Show Four
Hebrews Show Five Hebrews Show Six
Hebrews Show Seven Hebrews Show Eight
Hebrews Show Nine Hebrews Show Ten
Hebrews Show Eleven Hebrews Show Twelve
Hebrews Show Thirteen Hebrews Show Fourteen
Hebrews Show Fifteen Hebrews Show Sixteen
Hebrews Show Seventeen Hebrews Show Eighteen
Hebrews Show Nineteen Hebrews Show Twenty
Hebrews Show Twenty-One Hebrews Show Twenty-Two
Hebrews Show Twenty-Three Hebrews Show Twenty-Four
Hebrews Show Twenty-Five Hebrews Show Twenty-Six
Hebrews Show Twenty-Seven Hebrews Show Twenty-Eight
Hebrews Show Twenty-Nine Hebrews Show Thirty
Hebrews Show Thirty-One Hebrews Show Thirty-Two
Hebrews Show Thirty-Three Hebrews Show Thirty-Four
Hebrews Show Thirty-Five Hebrews Show Thirty-Six





Romans Show One Romans Show Two
Romans Show Three Romans Show Four
Romans Show Five Romans Show Six
Romans Show Seven Romans Show Eight
Romans Show Nine Romans Show Ten
Romans Show Eleven Romans Show Twelve
Romans Show Thirteen Romans Show Fourteen
Romans Show Fifteen Romans Show Sixteen
Romans Show Seventeen Romans Show Eighteen
Romans Show Nineteen Romans Show Twenty
Romans Show Twenty-One Romans Show Twenty-Two
Romans Show Twenty-Three Romans Show Twenty-Four
Romans Show Twenty-Five Romans Show Twenty-Six
Romans Show Twenty-Seven Romans Show Twenty-Eight
Romans Show Twenty-Nine Romans Show Thirty
Romans Show Thirty-One Romans Show Thirty-Two
Romans Show Thirty-Three Romans Show Thirty-Four
Romans Show Thirty-Five Romans Show Thirty-Six
Romans Show Thirty-Seven Romans Show Thirty-Eight
Romans Show Thirty-Nine Romans Show Forty
Romans Show Forty-One Romans Show Forty-Two
Romans Show Forty-Three Romans Show Forty-Four
Romans Show Forty-Five Romans Show Forty-Six
Romans Show Forty-Seven Romans Show Forty-Eight
Romans Show Forty-Nine Romans Show Fifty
Romans Show Fifty-One Romans Show Fifty-Two
Romans Show Fifty-Three Romans Show Fifty-Four
Romans Show Fifty-Five Romans Show Fifty-Six
Romans Show Fifty-Seven Romans Show Fifty-Eight
Romans Show Fifty-Nine Romans Show Sixty
Romans Show Sixty-One Romans Show Sixty-Two
Romans Show Sixty-Three Romans Show Sixty-Four
Romans Show Sixty-Five Romans Show Sixty-Six
Romans Show Sixty-Seven Romans Show Sixty-Eight





James Show One James Show Two
James Show Three James Show Four
James Show Five James Show Six
James Show Seven James Show Eight
James Show Nine James Show Ten
James Show Eleven James Show Twelve
James Show Thirteen James Show Fourteen
James Show Fifteen James Show Sixteen
James Show Seventeen James Show Eighteen
James Show Nineteen James Show Twenty
James Show Twenty-One James Show Twenty-Two
James Show Twenty-Three James Show Twenty-Four
James Show Twenty-Five James Show Twenty-Six
James Show Twenty-Seven James Show Twenty-Eight
James Show Twenty-Nine James Show Thirty
James Show Thirty-One James Show Thirty-Two





Nehemiah Show One Nehemiah Show Two
Nehemiah Show Three Nehemiah Show Four
Nehemiah Show Five Nehemiah Show Six
Nehemiah Show Seven Nehemiah Show Eight
Nehemiah Show Nine Nehemiah Show Ten
Nehemiah Show Eleven Nehemiah Show Twelve
Nehemiah Show Thirteen Nehemiah Show Fourteen
Nehemiah Show Fifteen Nehemiah Show Sixteen
Nehemiah Show Seventeen Nehemiah Show Eighteen
Nehemiah Show Nineteen Nehemiah Show Twenty
Nehemiah Show Twenty-One Nehemiah Show Twenty-Two
Nehemiah Show Twenty-Three Nehemiah Show Twenty-Four
Nehemiah Show Twenty-Five Nehemiah Show Twenty-Six
Nehemiah Show Twenty-Seven Nehemiah Show Twenty-Eight
Nehemiah Show Twenty-Nine Nehemiah Show Thirty
Nehemiah Show Thirty-One Nehemiah Show Thirty-Two
Nehemiah Show Thirty-Three Nehemiah Show Thirty-Four
Nehemiah Show Thirty-Five Nehemiah Show Thirty-Six Nehemiah Show Thirty-Seven Nehemiah Show Thirty-Eight

To order a CD copy of any of our past Sunday or Wednesday messages please send an email to with the title or passage of the message and the shipping address.

For future and archived shows of In Christ, keep visiting this page as we plan on adding more and more shows and messages so you can take God’s Word with you on your iPod, phone, or other .mp3 player, and so you can share with family & friends!

May God Continue to Bless You as He empowers You to Live In Christ!

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